Hi Igniters,

I will try to keep it short as much as I can. We have 8 caches total size is
around 6GB to 8GB in redis and the cluster is made up of 1200 nodes. All the
operations are read-only. It is a very low latency system where each request
doesn't need to be more than 2ms, in very rare cases 3-4ms. Everything is
hosted in our own datacenters and is working out of the box. We have a very
busy traffic I am talking about roughly 4.4 billion requests in an hour.

Now the challenge we have is to move everything to AWS as company rolling
all the projects to cloud and Elastic cache is reaching to its limit with
only 15% traffic and with no multi-region support which means each region
needs to have its own cache is not ideal for us. 

Company is really not very keen to move away from redis but looking at the
elastic cache limitations, agreed to look at the alternate solutions. I want
to go ahead with Ignite but I am really not sure whether Ignite can handle
that much traffic. Although I am an ignite user for a very long time and
have a firm faith on it :) but with that much low latency and hight traffic
is it really possible? All I want to know your views on whether Ignite can
handle that much traffic. How many nodes cluster would be sufficient for
that size traffic ? Max number of ignite nodes ever been deployed in a
cluster ? 

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