Thanks for the clarification Mike 😊

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Subject: Re: Write ahead log and early eviction of new elements

Hi Raymond,

>I understand when I add an element to a cache that element is
>serialized, placed into the local memory for the cache on that server
>and then placed into the WAL pending checkpointing (merging into the
>persistence store).

First, the update will be written into WAL and only then into local memory.

>What happens if the newly added element is evicted and  then re-read
>from the cache by the client before the next checkpoint  occurs?

What do you mean by "evicted"? Ignite evicts memory pages to a disk if
there's not enough space to save new record or it needs to load a page from
disk and for this purpose, it will evict some page from memory.
But it will evict the only page that is already saved to the disk.


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