If it's possible to turn off your system for a while on a daily basis, you can stop the grid and move your Ignite Native Persistence files manually. This can be just one script run for the whole cluster if you'll use tools like Ansible.

Here's step-by-step guide:
1) Turn off your Ignite cluster by calling ignite.cluster().active(false)
2) Copy content of your {$IGNITE_HOME}\work\db folder (with default settings, all Ignite Native Persistence files reside here) to your backup folder
3) Turn on your system back by calling ignite.cluster().active(true)

If you want to perform a restore from backup, you should just deactivate - copy files back - activate. Please mind that you should restore on the same topology, and consistent ID of your nodes should remain unchanged. Good luck!

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On 19.02.2018 12:15, arunkjn wrote:

I have an ignite cluster which has some durable caches. These caches are
using amazon EBS volumes. I want to backup each EBS node daily for disaster
recovery since we cannot afford losing the data and want disaster recovery

I was looking around to see if ignite offers a native way of taking reliable
snapshots. I could see its support in the grid gain
Is there anything available in ignite to do the same?

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