I am trying to test use SSD. But as more data are written, the write
performance drops significantly. Is there something I can do to solve this
problem? Or are there any known issues to this problem that might be fixed
in the upcoming versions? The test was done on a single node, locally. The
total data size is small, not enough to fill half of SSD.


For example, 

Loaded 10000 keys 239ms.
Loaded 20000 keys 122ms.
Loaded 30000 keys 141ms.
Loaded 40000 keys 110ms.


Loaded 8420000 keys 8068ms.
Loaded 8430000 keys 201ms.
Loaded 8440000 keys 187ms.
Loaded 8450000 keys 162ms.
Loaded 8460000 keys 182ms.
Loaded 8470000 keys 164ms.
Loaded 8480000 keys 171ms.
Loaded 8490000 keys 8475ms.


Loaded 84370000 keys 5684ms.
Loaded 84380000 keys 4329ms.
Loaded 84390000 keys 5191ms.
Loaded 84400000 keys 7352ms.
Loaded 84410000 keys 11171ms.


Loaded 99940000 keys 13352ms.
Loaded 99950000 keys 28771ms.

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