If you don't have configured 3rd party cache store or backups,
then there is only one possible way, I think.
You need to
 - store all the data from the node you want to shut down,
 - shut down the node
 - upload stored data back to the cluster.

It can be done via an external database, for example.
If the data set is not huge, you can try to use a new partitioned cache
(with node filter/backups) or replicated cache.


2018-02-23 10:00 GMT+03:00 shawn.du <shawn...@neulion.com.cn>:

> Hi,
> Suppose I have several ignite server nodes which compose a cluster.
> all data in PARTITIONED mode, and with no backups.
> It is possible to dismiss a node without restarting and data lose?
> if possible, what are the steps?
> Thanks
> Shawn

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