Hi Rahul!

This error occurs because *binary_meta* and *marshaller *directories are
removed for some reason, when you restart the nodes.
Point *workDirectory
to some place, that is preserved, when nodes are restarted, and the problem
should go away.


пн, 5 февр. 2018 г. в 10:26, Rahul Pandey <

> Hi,
> I am running ignite servers on yarn cluster with properties PFA
> ignite-cluster.properties.
> The servers are running with persistence storage enabled PFA
> ignite-config.xml configuration file.
> I am firing ddl and dml from squirrel using IgniteJdbcThinDriver and they
> are running perfectly, but whenever I restart my cluster and run simple
> query say "select * from dim_time" I get exception as stated in title.
> I have found an work around for this issue, what I do is load one dummy
> record and then delete it, afterwards my select query works completely fine.
> Why warming up of data is required after every cluster restart ?
> I am getting similar exception from sqlline too.
> Also note that "select count(*) from dim_time" executes perfectly.
> PFA yarn container logs for both nodes.
> Thanks,
> Rahul Pandey
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