Hi Olexandr,

Is it reproducible? Can you share a full thread dump? 
Also, are there any related messages in the logs (make sure you’re running with 
`java -DIGNITE_QUEIT=false` or with `ignite.sh -v`)? 


From: Olexandr K
Sent: 6 марта 2018 г. 12:48
To: user@ignite.apache.org
Subject: How to reconnect Ignite client after server node bounce?

Hi Team,
I tried the following scenario:
1) start local ignite server node
2) start client node and put some key/value pairs
3) bounce server node
4) put some more key/value pairs from client node

at step (4) ignite put(..) operation just hanged
I expected ignite client to take care of auto-reconnection or at least 
How should I handle this?

here is hanged thread's stack:

Daemon Thread [async-worker-2] (Suspended)    
    Unsafe.park(boolean, long) line: not available [native method]    
    LockSupport.park() line: 304    
lock ->    
GridFutureAdapter$ChainFuture<R,T>(GridFutureAdapter<R>).get0(boolean) line: 
    GridFutureAdapter$ChainFuture<R,T>(GridFutureAdapter<R>).get() line: 140    
    GridCacheAdapter$22.op(GridNearTxLocal) line: 2342    
    GridCacheAdapter$22.op(GridNearTxLocal) line: 2340    
 line: 4040    
    GridDhtColocatedCache<K,V>(GridCacheAdapter<K,V>).put0(K, V, 
CacheEntryPredicate) line: 2340    
    GridDhtColocatedCache<K,V>(GridCacheAdapter<K,V>).put(K, V, 
CacheEntryPredicate) line: 2321    
    GridDhtColocatedCache<K,V>(GridCacheAdapter<K,V>).put(K, V) line: 2298    
    IgniteCacheProxyImpl<K,V>.put(K, V) line: 1005    
    GatewayProtectedCacheProxy<K,V>.put(K, V) line: 872    
put  ->    PersonRegistrationController.lambda$2(String, String, String, 
String) line: 106    
(I'm using ignite 2.3.0)

BR, Oleksandr

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