I am loading the data from oracle table to ignite cache using
CaceStore.loadCache. I am loading the data in multithreaded way. I am using
16 threads to fetch the data from table and push it to cache and the select
SQL is simple query with where in clause.

To load 100K record it is taking 45 seconds. It is taking most of the time
for fetching the data from db. it is dev env and db server is not that fast
and this issue can be addressed.

I have more than 300 million rows in my table. Now I am wondering if this
db issue gets resolved by using powerful hardware and 10 gbps link, how
long will it take to load 300 million records in grid. The table size is 5

Has anyone in this group done benchmarking to load hundreds of millions of
rows from oracle or any 3rd party db to ignite grid?
Can you guys share your experience?


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