Im wondering what is the expected behaviour.

We have an ignite service which creates a new cache using
ignite.getOrCreateCache(). We call this service from an ignite-client node.
The getOrCreateCache() method is being called on the server ignite-node (by
the service implementation). Soon after getOrCreateCache() returns, our
service call finishes, and the ignite-client node continues its execution.
In fact it tries to access the newly created cache using the 
ignite.cache("name") method.

However, sometimes we observe that this method returns null, as if the
client-node were not yet aware of the new cache which was just created on
the server-node a few milliseconds ago.

Is this the expected behavior?

Thinking about it now, I'm leaning towards yes, but it would be nice to have
a definite answer.
(It would seem analogous to having an automatic happens-before guarantee
between the effect of creating a new cache and the service-call return,
which by default isn't even true inside one JVM. But this is just an
analogy, might be off.)


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