I have a usecase where we are storing byte array into one of the OFFHEAP
ATOMIC cache. Multiple threads keep on appending bytes to it using remote
operation (Entry processor / invoke call). 

Below is the logic for remote operation.

if (mutableEntry.exists()) {
        MyObject m = (MyObject)mutableEntry.getValue();
        byte[] bytes = new byte[m.getContent().length +
        System.arraycopy(m.getContent(), 0, bytes, 0, m.getContent().length);
        System.arraycopy(newContent.getContent(), 0, bytes,
} else {

We tested by adding about 25MB of content.

What we have seen is -
1. In 8 threads test we have seen average time for Invoke() is 36ms.
2. Out of total time taken to execute Invoke(), 50% time taken by above
remote logic. Where does other 50% spend? Probably just to invoke the

What can we tune here? We are considering InvokeAll(), any more ideas?

If we increase this to 250MB we have seen a very slow performance and after
hours it goes Out-of-memory, setOffHeapMaxMemory(0) does not help on 32GB

We are using Ignite 1.9, Java 1.8, Parallel GC and app JVM is 4GB.
Unfortunately, we can not upgrade Ignite version as of now.


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