Thanks for u answer.
  Actually, I just wanna use ignite as streaming database.
 So if it have materialized view. May helpful.

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Ignite has no supported view.
We have no plans to add materialized view support in a meduim term perspective
as it distributed implementation looks too complex and low performant.

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   I wanna to use ignite like stream database。

  I wanna to insert some logs like sale log。

  and then ignite can let me create a materialized view to auto upate the count 
number or sum num number 。

  I insert a salelog :(time,vmcode,product)value('2018-03-30 

 a materialized view "vmSaleCountRealTime" like select 
date(time),vmcode,count(1) todaySaleCount from salelog group by 

  ignite can auto update the todaySaleCount value  of record 

 Is thera have a plan for  materialized view base logs?

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