The |@AffinityKeyMapped annotation can be used on a field or a method, so you can have a method returning anything you want (based on size), would that not work ?|


Den 2018-04-11 kl. 07:59, skrev Prasad Bhalerao:

I have following case.

I have around 10000 subscriptions. Each subscription has data varying from 1 to 10 million.
Currently the affinity key is set on subscriptionId.


Subscription1: 2 million rows
Subscription2: 10 million rows
Subscription3: 50 million rows
Subscription5: 30 million rows
Subscription6: 20000 rows

Now I want make sure that all big subscription should be evenly distributed across all nodes.

I meant Subscription2,Subscription3,Subscription4,Subscription5 should not land on same node based on their affinity id.

Is there any way with which I can distribute all big subscriptions across all node evenly or in round robin fashion?


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