Hi, all! I am trying to use the computegird of ignite to do some compute job,
but I met a problem.
I started two server nodes(different host) to form a clustergroup. Node_A
was started by eclipse, Node_B was started by ignite.cmd, two nodes had the
same configurations except heap size(Node_A heap_size=25G, Node_B
I totally had 6 jobs(a,b,c,d,e,f) to compute and I expected to store the
computation result where the job was done(for example, job a was executed by
Node_A, then the computation result of job a was stored in Node_A). In my
case, reduce is not necessary, moreover, the computation result doesn't need
to be returned. I just want to split the tasks and store the result after
computation is finished.
Actually, Node_A executed job a,c,e and Node_B executed job b,d,f. However
Node_B didn't store the results of job b,d,f, Node_A stored the result of
job c,e, Node_B stored the result of job a. 
I could't figure out why remote node(Node_B) didn't execut the task of
storing the computation result and Node_A didn't store all the jobs' result
that it dealed with?
Is there something wrong with applying of  computetasksplitadapter is this
Below are my code, config.xml and Node_A's log.(code run in Node_A)
thanks for reply! ComputeTaskSplitExample.java

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