There is no such API to get security token of Web Console.

What are you tying to implement?

Actually there no need in web console and web agent if you just need to
execute some SQL.
You may use JDBC/ODBC/REST see:

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> Hi Denis,
> Thanks for the information. I have started using web console now.
> When the user is created as part of web console, a security token is
> created.
> The ignite-web-agent is dependent on this security token.
> Currently the starting of a ignite-web agent looks more of a manual step
> because of this security token. I wanted to automate the process of ignite
> web agent connecting to the console.
> Are there any rest api for web console with which we can create user and
> also get the security token for a particular user.
> Regards,
> Vishwas
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