When your data in back store has been changed, you should clear cache to
force ignite forget outdated data.
Yes cache.clear() will be enough.
If you find this method slow and you have a large dataset, then you can try
to destroy and recreate a cache instead.

Cache will not blocked during cache.clear() operation.
You should use either external lock or try to recreate cache.

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 6:47 AM, yonggu.lee <yonggu....@navercorp.com>

> I have an ignite cache with hbase read-through. Data is fully reconstructed
> on a daily basis on the underlying hbase table.
> My question is, when the hbase table is totally changed, calling
> cache.clear() is enough to get the latest data?
> And, during processing cache.clear(), all reads to the cache will be
> blocked? I mean, the cache is locked?
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