Hi Ignite team,

I'm faced with baseline topology issue.
Here are my testing steps:

1) start 2 server (A, B) and 2 client nodes (C, D)
2) ensure baseline topology consists of 2 server nodes
3) stop server node A
4) start server node A
5) stop server node B
... oops, it cannot be started anymore

ERROR: Caused by: org.apache.ignite.spi.IgniteSpiException: Node with set
up BaselineTopology is not allowed to join cluster without one:

.. but c53de0cb-32de-4d9c-be08-a3da7fc35e6f  is actually node B
it looks to be started with different ID and cannot join the cluster

Is it possible to set consistentIds to be equals to host names? how to do

Ignite version: 2.4.0

control.bat --baseline
Cluster state: active
Current topology version: 10

Baseline nodes:
    ConsistentID=c53de0cb-32de-4d9c-be08-a3da7fc35e6f, STATE=OFFLINE
    ConsistentID=f62816f4-2889-4e2e-85d4-515daed9cb4c, STATE=ONLINE

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