There is a system ("DS") which publishes data into MS db via odbc and *it
works without any problems*.

So i created cache instead of MS db table “T”, then as a test i connected
via DBeaver and inserted test row and there was no problem. Next i
installed ignite odbc driver and created dsn, but when i tryed to publish
data from data "DS" only one row was inserted into the table and  i saw
errors in "DS" log file: “Error: SQL Error DBTable ‘T’ DB ODBC error: Query
cursor is in open state already.”

Cache was created with the following code:

var cache = ignite.GetOrCreateCache<TKey, T>(

                new CacheConfiguration


                    SqlSchema = "PUBLIC",

                    Name = "T",

                    WriteSynchronizationMode =CacheWriteSynchronizationMode

                    QueryEntities = new[] { newQueryEntity(typeof(TKey),
typeof(T)) }


What could be the problem?

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