Here's the full log and thread dump for three nodes and client to ingest

And I can only query Ignite cluster using sqlline.
When when I try to launch a Java client, it failed.
The log is similar with client_log I attached.
These two logs is printed again and again
18/07/13 01:33:18 WARN cache.GridCachePartitionExchangeManager: Failed to
wait for initial partition map exchange. Possible reasons are: 
  ^-- Transactions in deadlock.
  ^-- Long running transactions (ignore if this is the case).
  ^-- Unreleased explicit locks.
18/07/13 01:33:18 WARN internal.diagnostic: Failed to wait for partition map
exchange [topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=25308, minorTopVer=0],
node=3c164ab8-0cf1-4451-8bfe-0c415ac932cd]. Dumping pending objects that
might be the cause: 

Can anybody advise me why the topology version keeps increasing so I can do
a preliminary research?
>From my prior experience with Ignite, the topology version shouldn't be
increasing when there's no data ingested into cluster.

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