I just want  A module: node a1 a2 make cache cache_a be  persistence and
balance in A module only with persistence region p_region
B module node b1,b2 with cache cache_b be non_persistence and distribute in
B module.B will access cache_a and have same region p_region for persistence
even cache_b in default region(non_persistence)
and a1,a2 b1,b2 in one cluster. but A won't affect B when a1 restart or all
the A module restart 
But after restart, some weird  things happen, such as baselinetoplogy
smaller then one, or hang with partitionexchangemanager with message : Still
waiting for initial partition map exchange 

I'm confused about ignite's multi roles nodes in one cluster. 
And our node size will be 2000+. I'm worried about the  backward
compatibility and availability of clusters.

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