Hi Guys,

I have a cluster with 54 nodes, i configured the 35 GB for the impala daemo
memory limit, all the time there is ~ 10GB-20GB memory that each nodes
reserved as resident memory.
I'm aware that this memory will not impact the running queries and the
memory limit for impala daemon, but this is a memory that hold by the JVM,
and can impact other services running on the same node like HDFS and

My Questions:

1) Is there a way to free up this memory without restarting the impala
2) is it a configuration parameter that i can used to disable this? or it a
system params that related to the jvm?
3) What is the impact if i will limit the jvm memory per node? will this
impact the impala performance?
4) Where this memory used by impala? even it's name indicate it's useless
and cann't be used ( What is the purpose of this memory).

Take Care
Fawze Abujaber

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