Thanks Andrew. Very helpful information. I'll definitely look at s3proxy.


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> On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 01:41:38PM -0000, wrote:
> > Additional information on this issue: I've discovered by virtue of a
> wireshark session that jclouds client is NOT sending chunked
> transfer-encoding, but rather aws-chunked content-encoding. Can anyone tell
> me why this is necessary, since A) it accomplishes the same thing that
> chunked transfer-encoding does (except that it's not compatible with most
> web servers' built-in ability to handle chunked encoding) and B) we're
> sending the content-length header?
> aws-s3 uses V4 signing while s3 uses V2 signing.  V4 uses a chunked
> encoding to sign the payload as well as the headers while V2 signs only
> the headers.  V4 uses the AWS encoding because of the signatures it
> attaches.  I believe you can Guice override the signer type in s3 to get
> the same behavior as aws-s3.  If you are using a local S3 clone and not
> AWS itself you really should use the s3 provider since aws-s3 just
> overrides endpoints and regions.
> I notice you filed a related bug against s3ninja recently -- you may
> want to try S3Proxy[1] instead which has a more complete implementation
> and actually uses jclouds as its backend.
> [1]
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