I'm running into a roadblock on a script I've developed. I'm using the HTTP URL 
Re-writing Modifier to read a JSESSIONID after successful login (which is 
appended to the URL and used in lieu of a cookie).  I'm also using a Regular 
Expression Extractor early in the script to grab a viewstate, which I'm then 
plugging back in as a variable on all of my POSTS. Everything seems to work 
fine until I try to log out.

I'm using Fiddler to compare what's happening when I manually log out vs my 
JMeter script. The POST request that submits the logout request has nearly 
identical request headers (the only differences are in the user agent 
(different browsers), cookie (which is ignored by the server anyway) and 
referrer parameters (the manual request appends the jsessionid). The post data 
for both manual and jmeter are in agreement, but I have the "Use 
multipart/form-data for POST" checked in jmeter so there's a significant 
difference in content length. If I try unchecking that box, the POST data 
matches what I see in the manual run but I get a 500 response from the server.

Using the Results Tree listener, it *looks* like JMeter is successful. However, 
logout never actually occurs - I can confirm that by checking the application 
itself. Also, while the response headers are exactly the same, the actual 
response is different:

Successful (manual) response:
<partial-response><redirect url="login.xhtml"></redirect></partial-response>

Unsuccessful (JMeter) response:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><partial-response 

If anyone has any thoughts about how I might further troubleshoot this issue, 
I'd love to hear them. Note that I've tried tailing the Apache logs on the web 
server, but I'm not seeing a significant difference there.


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