Am 28.07.2017 um 15:30 schrieb derek kelly:
The only differences that I can see are:

JMeter adds "charset=US-ASCII" on the Content-Type

JMeter adds "Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary" only on playback

JMeter boundaries are 32 characters, and random

Manual/working boundaries are 40 characters and start with lots of dashes

The Wireshark captures show that JMeter posts of my sample file are always 4 
frames.  around 650 bytes, 1450, 180, 38.  Where the end boundary is almost by 
itself in the last frame.  (from all of my fail captures that third frame is 
always 180, the others shift a bit)

The manual posts of my sample file are always 3 frames.  around 450, 1450, 370.

IMHO the charset and binary shouldn't matter.  I don't think frame count should 
matter.  But at this point I am reaching for straws as to why this doesn't 
work.  Could the boundary length really have something to do with it?
Well, it might have to do with using IIS and JMeter adding a charset to multipart/form-data content type as reported at (note that is obviously not JMeter, but IIS and charset multipart combination).


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Subject: Re: JMeter 3.2 issue recording file upload

Am 26.07.2017 um 19:23 schrieb derek kelly:
I'm not certain if this is truly a JMeter bug or an IIS/ASP bug.

I'll give a brief description here, but I have loads of supporting
info and files at

Using JMeter 3.2, Windows 10, IIS 10, ASP 4.5, Visual Studio 2015 (c#, MVC).

Without running JMeter I can upload a file and the server receives it.  When I'm running 
JMeter (just recording) and I attempt to upload the file I get an error page because the 
function the runs when a file is upload got called, but the upload is "null".  
So it doesn't see the file that it was supposed to get.

I have a sample project with the sample site and a JMeter script that can 
easily be run between 2 windows machines.

I'm hoping somebody has some insight into why that is happening and how to fix 
Can you put the tcpdump that you showed in the link somewhere, so that we can have a look 
at? It would be best, if it would contain both streams (client<->jmeter and 
jmeter<->server). The webapp would not help me, as I don't have windows.



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