Hi Derek,

This is not the website to record and add the correlation, its a Rest API Post 

I got a Post call endpoint url with some header information and Body data, 
sending those., but not returning any token.

I am not getting Access token from Jmeter only through postman I am getting the 
I want to get the token in Jmeter to reuse for the next request by sending the 
token to create the registration page.


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The way I learned was watching YouTube videos.

I don't know OAuth specifically, but maybe I can steer you in the right 

You send your credentials to the authority
It responds with "keys", kind of like session IDs
You want to Add - Post Processors - Regular Expression Extractor
You designate where to look (body, response header, etc)
Reference Name is your variable name, which will be populated
Regular Expression is what to look for (creating that is part art, part science)
Template: I don't remember what this is.  I have $1$ in a sample, so I think 
it's what to grab based on the hit.
Match No you can leave blank for "grab the first hit"
Default Value: Put whatever you want the variable filled with when no hit is 
found.  I have "bad_data" in my sample.

You may need to grab multiple pieces of data so you can send those back in 
subsequent calls.

It's really useful to record once so you can look at the result tree and study 
what pieces of data are going back and forth.

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to test performance for Rest web Api by creating a 
customer registration page.

Before creating a customer page, it requires to get the access token from the 
registered system called Azure Active directory AD Tenant system where the 
system is deployed.By getting the token from OAUTH 2.0 where I need to send the 
Authorization token in the Header Manager as a next request to  create the 
customer registration page.

I am not sure how to do this,anybody can share some ideas or steps how to 
proceed this through JMeter.

Please give me some inputs how to do this through JMeter.

Its an urgent requirement.

Thanks for the support



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