Hi Andrew,

May not be suitable depending on the rest of your scenario, but - what about 
putting all the input data needed by a given user in the same row of the CSV 
file?  That is, one row per user?


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 Hi list,

I have a scenario where we authenticate a user into an application, however 
each user has visibility only to a subset of total data, so providing input 
data for entities needs to be tied to the user login somehow.

As an analogy, user logging in as a "department manager" would only have 
visibility on the "employees" in his section.

I thought about something similar to this: https://stackoverflow.
users-from-csv-file-in-jmeter - but that is tied to a login's place in the 
input file, which isn't necessarily guaranteed.

Another option I considered might be having a hashmap of data keyed by the 
username it pertains to. So, for example, 1 user login key might have the value 
in the hashmap of an array list, which can be randomly selected from on each 

This starts to get a little complicated, so before I start, I wondered has 
anyone else had a similar use case? Curious to see other thoughts/strategies 
behind solving it.


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