Few years back I had to test some Oracle stored procedures, What you need
to consider is that databases are sometimes lazy and don't actually do
anything until they need to. So if the procedures are returning
cursors/ResultSets you will need to exhaust the ResultSet to get the real
execution time of the procedure.

I had to do some scripting to loop over the ResultSet to make sure all
execution time was accounted for. I actually had to make make a patch for
jmeter at the time to add the Handle ResultSet option so that you could
specify that Result Sets are stored as Objects, and not as String, so that
you can use it in your script. I also added the Count Records option to
loop through result set, but I believe someone changed it so that it does
not actually iterate the result set but rather calls last() on it and that
method is not implemented on Oracle JDBC at least.

I still have the config I used back home but I don't really know when I
have the time to check it. But possibly it was all done on a clients system.


On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 12:33 PM Anil Gaur <anilg...@live.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I want to do performance testing for DB stored procedures using Jmeter. As
> per requirement I have multiple DB stored procedures and need to identify
> the performance of all these.
>  Can someone help me that how can I achieve this .
> Also what different type of test I can do using Jmeter for these stored
> procedures.
> Thanks
> Anil

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