I am trying to use Jmeter to create a set of test users in our LDAP server (an 
OpenDJ server).

I can get it to basically work all right, but we have a number of custom 
objectclasses and I need to also include in the created users and so far, I am 
not able to do that.

I can include the following in the LDAP Request element:

objectclass                     Person
objectclass                     inetOrgPerson

and that works, but if I add one of our custom objectclasses in addition to 
those 2 objectclasses, i.e.:

objectclass                     Person
objectclass                     inetOrgPerson
objectclass                     myCustomObjectclass

When I run a test, I am getting an error "violates the Directory Server schema 
configuration because it does not include a structural objectclass.  All 
entries must contain a structural objectclass];".

Can anyone tell me how I can configure the LDAP request so that it also 
includes our custom objectclasses?


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