Il 17/05/2018 18:29, Sergio Boso ha scritto:
or, you could try a simple JSR223 preprocessor in any supported script (example 
in javascript):

    counterString= vars.get('counter');

    counter= parseInt( counterString);

    vars.put( 'counter',  counter+1);


Il 17/05/2018 18:10, Ivan Rancati ha scritto:
You could try a counter

best regards,

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 10:18 AM, Mihir<>  wrote:

I'm testing WebAPI 2.0 service which has path parameter.

I want to increment the number by 1 for each request. How to achieve this
Jmeter? Till now i had been passing a fixed path param, therefor our test
result were on only one input parameter.

Please suggest and Let me know if any valuable solution


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