Am 17. Mai 2018 19:45:58 MESZ schrieb Andrew Gibbs <>:
>Hi All,
>I’ve recently start teaching myself how to use JMeter, by following
>tutorials on YouTube.
>I’m using JMeter V4.0, on a MacBook Pro 2016 (I’m quite new to Mac)
>I’ve hit a problem whilst trying to create a script using the HTTP(S)
>Test Script Recorder
>1.  On the ‘HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder’ element, when I hit the
>‘Start’ (Record) button I get a popup with a message:
>Root CA certificate ApacheJMeterTemporaryRootCA created in JMeter bin
>You can install it following instructions in Component Reference
>See Installing the JMeter CA certificate for HTTPS recording
>1.  When I go to Firefox and attempt to import the certificate from the
>jmeter/bin directory, I get the a popup with a message:
>This personal certificate can’t be installed because you do not own the
>corresponding private key which was created when the certificate was

You have to import the cert under authorities and not personal certificate. 

>I’ve also tried to import into Chrome, but KeyChain Access
>automatically starts up. From KeyChain Access I double clicked and
>opened the certificate, under the Trust section I changed the ‘When
>using this certificate:’ drop down option to ‘Always Trust’. I then
>closed the Certificate and KeyChain Access and attempted to Record
>again, but go the original popup with the message:
>Root CA certificate….…
>I’ve read a few posts online which suggest finding the finding both the
>.crt an .key files and creating 1 combined .P12 file, however I cant
>see any .key file. (I’ve searched for .key files for can find any)…
>Any help would be greatly appreciated

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