I'm trying to get started with Karaf, and am having a few issues.

I have created a simple OSGi enroute project using bndtools in eclipse. I have
created a feature.xml file for it and have installed it in karaf. So far so

The default project that bndtools generates includes a gogo command. It's just a
"hello world".

When I run this within eclipse under the normal OSGi environment there, I can
run my command from the gogo shell. 

Naively I tried doing the same from within the karaf shell. No joy.

I feel I'm back to square one in terms of diagnostics. Tools I used to rely on
like "lb", "inspect capabilities" and so on don't exist as far as I can tell, so
I can't really tell what might be going wrong. 
"bundle:diag" shows no unsatisfied requirements though.

Should I expect such a command to work?


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