Up until now I've been developing code using bndtools in eclipse, writing bndrun
files, resolving them, and running my application that way. The resolution step
resolves all the requirements from the set of OBR repositories. All very easy
(well, it is now, once I got over the learning curve :-) )

I'm now trying to deploy those same applications into karaf, and so wanting to
write feature repository XML files the the same thing. So naively I seem to want
to create a feature XML file that is the same as my resolved bndrun file. Is
there an easy way to do this? Is there an easy way to write feature repository
files, or do I have to maintain those separately? It also feels that the way I
have to write the files depends on how I'm deploying. So if I want to deploy
from a maven repository, my bundle references need to be in one form, but If I'm
deploying directly from disk, my bundle references have to be in another form. 

Is there an easy way to manage the feature xml files?


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