I'm really struggling to get my bundles installed in Karaf, so I'd appreciate
some hints on how to diagnose some issues. I'm trying to do a feature:install of
a features.xml file I've written to install my bundles. 
My latest is:

missing requirement osgi.wiring.package;
[caused by: Unable to resolve osgi.enroute.base.api [62](R 62.0): missing
requirement [osgi.enroute.base.api [62](R 62.0)] osgi.unresolvable;

My interpretation of this is that I've got conflicting versions of something. I
have no idea what, nor to figure out what the cause is.

Up to now I've always just been using bndtools in eclipse (and the bundles I'm
installing all work fine there), my first experience of Karaf was yesterday, so
beyond what I've read in the docs, I know nothing about what useful commands
there might be to help me diagnose. I don't even know how I would list what I've
currently got installed that might satisfy osgi.enroute.dto.api or

Any hints would be much appreciated.
This seems to be extraordinarily more complicated that "resolve" in bndtools, or
am I being naive?


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