I'm tracking down a rather odd problem trying to deploy a bundle into Karaf. The
issue appears to be with the osgi.enroute.dto.api package.

I'm getting this resolution error from Karaf:

missing requirement: osgi.wiring.package;

So I don't have anything that provides the osgi.enroute.dto.api package.

I have the Karaf obr festure installed, and it's set up to point to 

So I *think* it ought to just find whatever it needs by just looking in that
OBR. Nice.

Looking at the runbundles list in the bndrun file I have, it shows
"osgi.enroute.dto.bndlib.provider". At a guess this is where bndtools has
resolved that capability. Indeed, if I look at the MANIFEST for that jar, I see

Export-Package: osgi.enroute.dto.api;version="1.0.0"

If I use Karaf to list the information about that JAR though, it shows:
Karaf is just showing the information in the
file here.

So, on the one hand, the osgi.enroute.dto.bndlib.provider.jar file says it
exports the package, but on the other hand the OBR index says that it has a
requirement on that package.

On the face of it, this seems like a contradiction. Indeed if I install that
bundle into Karaf, it complains of:
Unsatisfied Requirements:
[osgi.enroute.dto.bndlib.provider [60](R 60.0)] osgi.wiring.package;

Equally if I create a very simple bundle that just has:
   @Reference private osgi.enroute.dto.api.DTOs dtos;

I don't seem to be able to deploy it within Karaf, bundle:diag shows:

Unsatisfied Requirements:
[simple.dtousage [63](R 63.0)] osgi.wiring.package;
[simple.dtousage [63](R 63.0)] osgi.service;

Is this an issue with the bundle? Or the bnd index? Or with karaf? 
Or am I misinterpreting? 


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