I’ve created a fileinstall Jira on this.


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I would consider that a file install bug ...
Given file install store the file name in the config, it should be able to see 
if it has been deleted when restarting.

2016-09-14 16:51 GMT+02:00 Leschke, Scott 
I’ve noticed that if a .cfg file is deleted while Karaf is running, the 
associated configuration record is deleted from Configuration Admin as well.  
OTOH, if the file is deleted while Karaf is NOT running, the associated 
configuration record is retained. I would have expected that records for files 
that no longer exist would be deleted when configuration admin service starts.

Anyway, I assume this is a felix.fileinstall thing really, but I’m wondering if 
this dichotomy is by design or simply an artifact.  I just verified that this 
still occurs in Karaf 4.0.6 so this is current behavior.


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