I am running  Karaf  4.0.8, and I  have a DS component  that is in unsatisfied 

  Reference: CertChain
    Interface Name: org.camp.scms.poc.commons.ssm.CertificateChain
    Target Filter: (component=clrgen)
    Cardinality: 1..1
    Policy: static
    Policy option: reluctant
    Reference Scope: bundle
UnsatisfiedReference: CertChain
      Target: (component=clrgen)
      (no target services)

But the service is actually registered:

karaf@root()> service:list org.camp.scms.poc.commons.ssm.CertificateChain
 certificate.chain.dir = .ma/crlgen/certchain
 component = crlgen
 component.id = 36
 component.name = CRLGenCertificateChain
 felix.fileinstall.filename = 
 service.bundleid = 116
 service.id = 223
 service.pid = scms.crlgen.cert.chain
 service.scope = bundle
Provided by : 
 SCMS :: MA :: hsm-bouncy-castle (116)

I have other services of the same interface 
(org.camp.scms.poc.commons.ssm.CertificateChain) registered as well, but with 
different component property.  Only this one does not work, and I don’t know 

Any hints?

Thanks and best regards,
Alex soto

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