Hi Scott,

let me take a look. It could be related to pax-jdbc-config and the related features declaration.


On 20/02/2018 01:36, Leschke, Scott wrote:
I’ve emailed about this before but some time ago I mentioned that I didn’t think that the PAX connection pools were initializing the underlying CP implementation (Hikari in my case) properly. In particular, connections are getting dropped after 30 mins (the Hikari default) even though connection maxLifetime is set to inifinite (0) and idleTimeout is set to 8 hrs.

Christian sent me a link to the PAX Hikari initialization code which certainly looked correct. This lead me to believe that the problem was not with PAX but the Hikari version that is bundled with it. While I’m not positive this is the case, I suspect it is.

Might it be possible for PAX to log the pool implementations configuration AFTER it creates the pool?  Also, will the version of Hikari be updated in the next release of Karaf?  The latest version appears to be 2.7.7.  I believe the version that comes with the most recent version of Karaf is still at 2.4.1.



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