As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm trying to create a service instance 
programmatically and write the associated .cfg file for it.  Based on feedback 
I got, I create the following method.

The goal is to create the service instance and then get its configuration which 
at this point will mostly be the defaults that it receives in its configuration 
type (hence my previous post). It appears to work, except what is really 
happening is that I get two services. One is created by 
createFactoryConfguration call and the other by Felix FileInstall after the 
.cfg file is written.

Actually I'm a bit surprised that placeholder .cfg file isn't created if 
property felix.fileinstall.filename is defined, as I think that would solve 
this problem, but perhaps there's another way?


private void createConfig(String cpid, String dir, String name, 
Map<String,Object> props)
       throws Exception
       Configuration conf = parent.cfgAdmin.createFactoryConfiguration(cpid, 

       dir  = (dir.endsWith("/") ? dir : dir + '/');
       name = name.replaceAll(" ", "_").toLowerCase();
       File cfg = new File(dir + cpid + '-' + name + ".cfg");

       Dictionary<String,Object> confProps = toDictionary(props);
       confProps.put("felix.fileinstall.filename", cfg.toURI().toString());


              // Get the properties for the new service object
              props = getProps(conf.getPid());

              // Create .cfg file with initial property set
              ITemplate tmp = parent.templateMgr.getTemplate( 
configTemplates.get(cpid) );
              tmp.bind("cfg", props);

              try (FileLineWriter w = new FileLineWriter(cfg))
       catch (Exception e)
              throw e;

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