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> Hi,
> We  are using Karaf-4 and we have several bundles (say 100) getting started
> as part of our feature. We are using Bundle and Blueprint listener to
> monitor the status of each and every bundle. Since all bundles are started
> simultaneously we guess the bundle in which we have registered listeners is
> sometimes started little late and we loose some bundles states. Please let
> us know how to get events for all the bundles without missing any event.

You need to assign a lower start level to the bundle listening for
blueprint events.

> Also please let us know if it is possible to poll all bundles state.
> Basically we need to get Bundle object by providing bundle symbolic name
> and
> query for its current state.

It should  be automatic, as the listener should receive events for all
bundles, including "replay" events, i.e. the last event for each bundle.

As an alternative, you can check the BlueprintContainer services that are
for each blueprint bundle.

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