Hello everyone

I am trying to override the service requrements enforcement for my custom
distribution. I am using the <packaging>karaf-assembly</packaging> in my
POM to create the assembly.

Inside the org.apache.karaf.features.cfg i want to set the
serviceRequirements config to disable.
The config file contains these lines:

# Service requirements enforcement
# By default, the feature resolver checks the service
requirements/capabilities of
# bundles for new features (xml schema >= 1.3.0) in order to automatically
# the required bundles.
# The following flag can have those values:
#   - disable: service requirements are completely ignored
#   - default: service requirements are ignored for old features
#   - enforce: service requirements are always verified

How do i tell the karaf-assembly to change this line in a smooth manner? I
can't just override the entire file, as the file is generated based on the
feature dependencies in my POM. The file contains the featuresRepositories
and featuresBoot options as well, and since those are managed by the
plugin, overriding the entire file would lead to problems down the road
when i start changing versions/scopes in my POM file.

Is there a clever way to tell the karaf-assembly to change that specific
line and leave the rest of the file intact?


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