Hi Markus,

I just canceled the 4.2.8 vote in order for me to have time to
investigate, test and eventually fix.


On 15/01/2020 14:42, Markus Rathgeb wrote:
> I am using the following workaround:
> * fetch the upstread jetty-utils artifact
> * edit the manifest and remove the exclude statement
> * publish the modified artifact with another group ID to a maven repo
> * use org.apache.karaf.features.xml to replace the upstream
> jetty-utils with the modified one
> That way the old deprecated excluded but still used
> MultiPartInputStreamParser is found again.
> I just wonder why it still occurs in the Pax Web release that
> configures to use the other new multi part implementation.
> Perhaps the fix is not fully complete?
> Am Di., 14. Jan. 2020 um 21:26 Uhr schrieb Markus Rathgeb 
> <maggu2...@gmail.com>:
>> The bundle that handles the upload specific part does not depend on
>> any Jetty specific bundle / package.

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