We are going to use Kudu in our research platform, so there are several
open questions. Could you share with us your experience in solving problems
described below?

1) Best practice in Kudu deployment:
it is planned to use Kudu in conjunction with HDFS, so how do you usually
solve the problem of sharing and flexible resource management between Kudu
and HDFS?

2) Mixed workload processing (OLAP & OLTP):
in the case of mixed type of load has anybody faced with the problem of
performance decrease? (slowdown of disk I/O and etc)

We have 20 nodes in cluster. Each node has 10 x 8 TB 7,200 RPM High
Capacity SAS Drives for data storage (HDFS now) and 2x SSD for OS.

Thank in advance!

Best regards,
Ksenia Leonova

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