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StorageCleanupJob can be run at anytime. It will delete the htables/hdfs
folders that have no reference, so it is safe. The "offline" means by
manual (not by kylin)

MetadataCleanup, would be better to run when there is no running job; and
take a backup before clean is always recommended.

2016-10-17 22:29 GMT+08:00 Joel Victor <joelsvic...@gmail.com>:

> In order to cleanup kylin metadata, HBase tables and HDFS. Can I do this
> while kylin cube jobs are running in the background.
> Is there a chance that the metadata might get messed up?
> In this document http://kylin.apache.org/docs15/howto/howto_
> cleanup_storage.html it says you can do offline cleanup. What is offline
> in this context does it mean I have to stop the build jobs ?
> Similarly with this http://kylin.apache.org/docs15/howto/howto_backup_
> metadata.html. Is it safe to run this while build jobs are running ?

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