Hello Kyliners

[My Problem]
Apache Kylin is a powerful OLAP, and such a thing always needs something to
show and display its power in a beautiful way, We are using Grafana and we
all know that grafana is a thing and I believe both working together would
be something amazing, I looked around to see if there is a possibility to
use Kylin as a datasource but nothing i could reach, Grafana supports TS
queries and Kylin cannot afford such a thing...

[My thinking]
I was thinking about linking Apache druid (since it can be used as
datasource on Grafana) , and Kylin together with hive or something like
that through Druid, I am not sure if that is possible and that is my

Is it possible to do such thing?
Is there a backdoor or something similar?

ps: Our current state is sensors sending data to a PostgreSQL database
subsequently an ETL to extract, transform, load data into a PostgreSQL data
warehouse and databases are linked to Grafana.

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