Hi Lens Developers,

I am trying to create a cube through Lens CLI. For some reason it is failing 
and I do not see any log message logged in the  lensserver.log. Any clue what 
could be the reason and where can I get the logs for the same.?

Do we have any document or link on creating cubes. I see some examples but I am 
finding it difficult to create it. I see there are many things we can have in a 
cube xml file but not sure if there are some mandatory tags or something?

lens-shell>! grep -A 33333333 <x_ examples/resources/telecom/cdr-cube.xml
command is:grep -A 33333333 <x_ examples/resources/telecom/cdr-cube.xml
<x_base_cube name="cdr_cube" xmlns="uri:lens:cube:0.1" 
  xsi:schemaLocation="uri:lens:cube:0.1 cube-0.1.xsd ">
    <measure name="SUM_DURATION" _type="INT" default_aggr="SUM"/>
    <dim_attribute name="SUBSCRIBER_ID" _type="INT"/>
    <dim_attribute name="RECORD_TYPE" _type="STRING"/>
    <dim_attribute name="A_NUMBER" _type="STRING"/>
    <dim_attribute name="B_NUMBER" _type="STRING"/>
   <dim_attribute name="DURATION" _type="INT"/>
    <dim_attribute name="TIME_STAMP" _type="TIMESTAMP"/>
    <expression name="DURATION_MIN" _type="FLOAT" 
      <expr_spec expr = "DURATION / 60" />

lens-shell>create cube examples/resources/telecom/cdr-cube.xml

Pawan Malwal

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