Hi, Stefan.

I always define my start nodes connected to the root node via specific  
relationship types. For example,
I might have a collection of people and a collection of cars. I would  
create a new node to be the start node of the people collection, and  
create A relationship from the root node to this new node, of  
relationship type "people".   Then do the same for each other "start  
node".  Then, to quickly find a start node, simply traverse a single  
relationship from the root node.  Hope that makes sense!

Rick Bullotta

, at 3:38 AM, Stefan Berndt <kont...@stberndt.de> wrote:

> Hello I'm familiarizing with Neo4j more and more.
> After testing some rudimentary things I'm now trying to write my first
> Neo4j application with the following Graph:
> StartNode |----->CollectionType1--->CollectionType1_1
>          |           |
>          |           |------------>CollectionType1_2
>          |
>          |----->CollectionType2--->CollectionType2_1
>                      |------------>CollectionType2_2
> There are off course more Collections than 2 and the Items of the
> Collections are also more.
> Now I want define my Startnode as a really Startnode. and the Nodes
> CollectionType1...CollectionTypeN as reference nodes.
> Off course i can  get this nodes by GraphDataBaseService.getAllNodes 
> () and
> iterate then over the Iterable until i've found my Node. But I dunno  
> the
> Runtime Behavior if my nodespace becomes really big. Is there  
> another Way
> to define this Startnodes or other important Nodes.
> I thank you for your help.
> Cheers,
> Stefan
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