A similar question has been asked previously but I could not find a solution
which would work for me, hence re-posting it.

I am creating a Neo4j graph and want to expose it over REST using Rexster so
that I can apply traversals to it.
Now after I have started Rexster, I see that I cannot write to the graph as
it throws the "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to lock store
[complete_graph//neostore], this is usually a result of some other Neo4j
kernel running using the same store."

So does this mean everytime I have to write to the graph I have to shut down
Rexster (hence disabling my traversals) and then start it again after I
finish writing to it?
I read somewhere that you cannot start multiple  services to same store in
write mode, so is there a way where I can expose it over Rexster just in
read mode and perform traversals ?

Or is there any way around this problem ?
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