Hey JueiTing,

I'm not sure if Hadoop is needed here.
What is the current performance characteristics for the shortest path you are 

You could take a decent machine and just fire up, e.g. blocks of 10k node pairs 
to a ThreadPoolExecutor with cores*2 threads.
Each of those tasks only has to return the sum of the path lengths (and you 
know the block size) so you can sum the whole thing up onto a long and divide 
it by the
number of pairs processed at the end? 

Perhaps instead of brute force looping one and a half times over all nodes it 
is perhaps better to do a breath first traversal over all nodes (regardless of 
relationships, just outgoing rels) and returning unique paths from the 
and calculating the path lenghts from the start nodes to each _connected_ node 
on the paths (start node -> path[0..n].nodes[1..n])



Am 11.05.2011 um 21:12 schrieb Peter Neubauer:

> Hi JueiTing,
> I think this is a typical case for a massive Map/Reduce job. I am thinking
> of combining Hadoop works with replicas of the graph and then do the
> computation. I believe Paddy Fitzgerald has been working with these
> approaches and can give some feedback.
> Of course, given the size of the graph, that might prove a problem. OTOH, if
> there are no modifications during the computation, you could run the
> calculations on read-only databases from the same store. Would that work?
> Cheers,
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> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 12:47 AM, 翁瑞廷 <wshir...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to use Neo4j graph database to store a
>> large social network(more than 5,000,000 nodes) for academic research.
>> I need to compute the separation degree(path length) between any two nodes
>> in the graph then get the average degree of whole database.
>> The solution I'm using use now is archieved by executing API
>> "GraphAlgoFactory.shortestPath",
>> but it means I need to execute (n*(n-1))/2 times to get all path length. I
>> don't think it's a very good idea :(
>> So, I'm wondering that is there any function which can assign one node and
>> whole DB as Input, and return the
>> paths or only path lengths between the node and all other nodes in the
>> graph
>> as Output? Just like Dijkstra algorithm did.
>> I know there is a Dijkstra function in the API, but it only return the path
>> between two nodes.
>> It'll be really helpful for me if there is any function can return all the
>> result in one computation(even the whole result array computing by
>> Dijkstra)
>> Or does anyone has better idea to deal with this issue?
>> I tried to implement Dijkstra by myself, but it was impossible to declare
>> such big 2D array in the program...(OutOfMemoryException)
>> If there is any advice, I'll really appreciate it.
>> Thanks.
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