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> Is there a recommended cluster server (edge node or master node or cluster
> node) for Livy Installation? Right now, I installed Livy on the master node
> running Yarn Resource Manager.
> I am not the best person to answer this question, but here is my two
cents. Livy is a lightweight process. Even with thousands of sessions
running on it, it needs less than 1GB memory, and not much CPU. The only
time Livy becomes a bottleneck is, when many sessions/jobs are submitted to
it in a short burst (because each new session/job launches a new JVM to
submit the job to YARN).

> Also, can we enable Load Balancing with two Livy instances running on the
> same cluster?
> No. You cannot because the two Livy instances won't coordinate. For
example, if a session is created on one Livy instance, it won't be
available on the second Livy instance.

PS: I have configured Livy to use ZooKeeper for state-store.
> Thanks !!

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