Hi community,

Im looking at the migration guide and in regard to getting the Values from the 
field cache it says:
If you had code like this before:
String[] values = FieldCache.DEFAULT.getStrings(reader, field);
String aValue = values[docID];
you can do this instead:
DocTerms values = FieldCache.DEFAULT.getTerms(reader, field);
BytesRef term = new BytesRef();
String aValue = values.getTerm(docID, term).utf8ToString();

For some reason we don't have DocTerms in Lucene.Net but we do have 
BinaryDocValues instead.

So I need guidance as to how to implement the Get method in the BinaryDocValues 
class specially because I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the docID 

Previously I had an array of strings and I would just pass in the docId and get 
the string but here how do I use the BinaryDocValue? This is how I get the 

        Private currentReaderValues As ReaderValues

        Public Overrides Function SetNextReader(context As AtomicReaderContext) 
As FieldComparer
            currentReaderValues = 
FieldCache.DEFAULT.GetTerms(context.AtomicReader, field, False)
            Return Me
        End Function

    Public Class ReaderValues
        Inherits BinaryDocValues

        Public Overrides Sub [Get](docID As Integer, result As BytesRef)
              'TODO How to deal with this do I just return the 
        End Sub
    End Class

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