(1) You can use the REST API to programmatically create or modify your job
as you see fit.
(2) Another user (maybe in your group) reported that bizarre characters are
not picked up by Java under Linux, although it works under Windows.  This
would be an Oracle JDK issue; you will need to log the ticket with them.


On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 6:17 AM, Shashank Raj <shashank.raj2...@gmail.com>

> Hi Karl,
>            I am working with the filesystem connector and Solr as output
> and wanted to know if there is a possibility to add our own list of
> files/paths to be added to the "repository path" tab of the the job.
> This can be done manually but what if I wanted to write a program as a
> cron job to feed the repo path as a list to the job. Is there any method to
> do so?
> Also,
> I am facing problems while crawling through files that have special
> characters in their file name(as in from an international keyboard) such as
> Chinese characters.

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